Is it too early to talk about swimwear? Well, I’m gonna go for it anyway because I recently found a super cool company that I need to hype. It’s by a one woman show out of Vancouver called Loope and after stalking the entire site, I can’t wait for the warmer weather to hit.


Now what makes this line so unique is that everything is made out of high-quality crinkle fabric and why that’s so special is because this fabric’s stretch capacity is next level. While there are only two sizes to choose from it has the ability to include a wide range of body types. The first size fits up to a size 10 and the second size goes up to a 16. If you are beyond this size range you can drop the designer a note to see what they can do.  


And look look look at how fun they are!!! You can choose from 13 different colors and because each one is made to order you can really customize your tits off. Go with a solid bold suit or mash it up with a few hues. You know who is gonna be all about this? Duana. Duana loves a primary color in fact, the more obnoxious the color better for her – so I anticipate a text about these later on today.  

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