I take pride in letting you guys in on cool brands that may have not hit your radar…however, today is not that day. Instead I’m going mega mainstream with some love for Lululemon.

You know I’m all for comfort; I’ll do and pay anything to be comfortable and Lulu’s Align pants are next f-cking level. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they are the most comfortable workout pants on planet earth. Yes, those are my facts.



They might not look like anything special because yah, I get it, they’re just leggings, but I’m telling you, whatever is in the secret sauce of this fabric is pure magic. I’ve worn mine to the ground and they still look brand-ass new – no pilling whatsoever, which has always been a pisser in the past with the brand.   

Ok, now let’s talk fit because damn son, they are on point!!! I love a high waist and these sit perfectly perched so that all your goodness is sucked in while also giving you a long sleek look to your frame.   You can cop them in an array of color and prints but of course, my go-to is always black.   
You’re welcome.  
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