One of the most popular looks dominating the summer season has to be matching separates. It’s the simplest way to put an outfit together with zero brain power. There are a slew to choose from, but my current love is from a new brand from the west coast: Albedo the Label


The Edie short and the Laura top is my favorite combo and this is coming from someone who NEVER ever wears shorts. But I’m telling you, the fit is on point and the set is so damn versatile that I've been wearing this all day, erryday. I adore how these linen-lined shorts perch high on the waist and that there's enough room in the leg that there is no chafe-pull on the inner thighs. Then there's the airy top that brushes close to meet the shorts giving just a hint of skin. So yeah, it's pretty f-cking great.

Oh and before I let you go you look at the site, quick note about sizing. While you can only pick up small to large, if you’re looking for extended sizing drop the designer a note and she’ll whip you up something.

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