I am a big fan of signet rings - how can you not be! They are so simple, yet pack such a modern punch to any outfit. And while few of us have a family crest to sport, there are so many ways to personalize and make them feel special! I’ve been searching for one for months and look-y look-y at who I just saw donning - what I must say - is a pretty damn perfect signet. I’m not typically a fan of Meghan’s style, but dudes, this is good fashion form on her part.


It only took me a second to find out that it’s the "Mantra Open Heart" signet ring from UK jewelry brand, Mimosa. And surprisingly they are not all sold out! 


Fine, I’ll concede that the name of the ring curdles up barf in my mouth, but just ignore that fact and concentrate on this beauty.  It’s made of 18ct gold vermeil, adorned with a tiny white topaz stone encased in a heart and guess what?!  It’s actually affordable!  The ring sits at just under 150 bucks, which is really not bad for such a pretty piece of timeless jewelry.