Last year I told you guys all about Noize, a Montreal based company that is churning out all kinds of amazing outerwear. I picked up the Katy puffer parka last winter and it still remains one of the best fashion decisions I’ve made to date. It’s so light, warm, and most importantly to me, cruelty-free. The brand uses high-tech synthetic fabrics that deliver warmth identical to any animal-derived materials without any compromise to style and comfort. Oh and all their fills are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. But something that I really want to highlight is their price point - every item is all under $300.




Ok, but the reason I’m bringing them back onto your radar again is because this season they launched extended sizing. Now I admit, I don’t highlight extended sizing all that often and it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just that the reality is a lot of brands are not inclusive. So when I can give props to a brand that have a f-cking clue, then I’m all about giving them as much love as possible. And I gotta say there are some serious gems in the line - from amazing silver foiled parkas to a plush faux fur mid-length parka, there is so much to choose from!

And here's the best news: I actually reached out to Noize to tell them I was going to be writing about them again and guess what! They are giving you guys a 20% off code (LAINEY20) if you decide to buy something. I want to be super clear, I have no ties to them, I’m not getting a kickback on any sales…nada. So enjoy!




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