I'm not a virgin in many areas of my life, but when it comes to the over the knee boot trend...my cherry is still intact.

I've been waiting for the perfect pair before taking the plunge and after months of searching, all it took was laying my eyes on these bad boys by Ron White.

You're feeling me, right? Perfect slight point toe, ideal heel height, and I love that it comes in the all these wonderful colors!

I've had them on heavy rotation since getting them and I have to tell you they are so damn comfortable and people, this is coming from a person who wears vans all the time. 

Okay, but here's why these take the W - it's all about the stretch and this fabric allows for all kinds of leg shapes to get up in there. The fabric stretches up to 3 times which means it accommodates a variety of leg sizes. 

But wait it gets better! The entire boot - from the material to the glues used - are vegan! That's right, zero animals were harmed in making these stellar-stemmed boots! The eco suede is one of the highest quality I've ever felt and in even better news the entire boot is weatherproof so you can stomp around in them all season long. 

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