#OWNYOURTONE - that’s the hashtag behind Canada’s first Black-owned skin tone intimates for POCs. Chantal Carter Taylor launched the brand after being frustrated over and over again with the concept of “nude”. Nude to whom? Ummm exactly. Yet another big ass blind spot the fashion industry continues to lag on and the way “nude” is referred to beyond the fashion business. (Lainey: I’ve in the past on this site referred to “nude” as a shade that applies to those with lighter complexions.) 

So anyway, Chantal bossed up and developed a beautiful collection of undergarments that not only look amazing but word is they feel like cashmere along your skin. Everything is moisture-wicking but it’s the little design details that make this line so stellar. Everything from supportive wireless bras to elastic-free leg-backs to minimize (I refuse to say the “P” word) butt lines.

Love & Nudes is all about celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and uplifting women not only in their local community but the global community at large. They manufacture all their garments in a fair wage, woman-owned facility in Colombia, exclusively hiring single moms to ensure that they have a chance to support their families.    

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