No doubt we are all gonna continue to lean into comfort as winter inches forward and something I source every season is a perfect knit sweater. And this year, mine comes courtesy of ALLBIRDS.  

The brand is known for their insanely comfortable shoes, but they’ve recently expanded into apparel. I’ll be honest, they are not the first brand I think of when I’m buying for my own closet, but they totally surprised me with this wool jumper.   

Now I know many of you out there will be triggered by the word "wool”. Me too. My skin literally rejects any and all itchy materials. But this ain’t your grandma’s wool. This is made from 100% ZQ Merino wool and yo! I'm telling you, the cozy factor of this is next level. It’s a dense, thicker gauge yarn with some subtle boiling that is super soft yet also maintains its shape really well. I have been wearing it every day and it feels like an anxiety blanket wrapped up in a hug. It's a dream. 

Women's Wool Jumper from ALLBIRDS

Is it the trendiest? The coolest? No. Not at all. But practical gets a bad rap and this is something you’ll have and wear for years to come. And you can feel good about this purchase inside and out because all their apparel items are carbon neutral thanks to the brand’s combo of sustainable practices from using natural materials to carbon credits.  

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