I get why people got all nostalgic when the scrunchy trend came back, but like, really? I don’t know, it just felt really lazy. I feel like if you’re gonna bring something back from another decade it should be a bit more elevated and modern. Now wait, before you get all “f-ck off, Sasha” can I give you an example of something that's elevated to me?


Yes, that's right - you are looking at a scrunchy headband. So good!!!! I adore how the sturdy ruching of the fabric creates this stunning architectural crown effect, but what I’m into the most is that this isn't some mass produced accessory, as each one is made to order by hand in Australia and Mexico City.  

And keep your eyes open because the brand will soon be launching suede crowns as well as multicolor mashups.


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So screw the scrunchy and go for the headband because if you're on top of trends you'll know that that’s where it’s at right now.  Dior brought them to the forefront in a big way last season and in my opinion they are such a fun way to cap off an outfit. It cutes things up in an instant whether you're going casual in jeans and a tee or if you're wearing a flowy dress.    
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