The one thing that always bewilders me is why there are no workout leggings that don’t have the seam right down the middle. I mean, we can 3-d print a goddamn home but you’re telling me someone can’t figure out how to de-camel toe a pair of leggings? It drives me mental. And look, it’s not like I want to Barbie and Ken my genitals, I just don’t need my vagina to be the focus on top of wearing skin tight fucking bottoms.

Duana even tried to convince me that Outdoor Voices had seamless leggings and it gives me great pleasure to tell you she was WRONG. I repeat WRONG! But Duana really, really doesn’t like being wrong so after a lot of searching to redeem herself she sent me a link to Bandier and holy shit you guys, they have an entire lot of seamless leggings!!!!!!
From a great pair of high rise leggings that come in an array of colors to color-blocked styles there is so much to choose from!



And this post couldn’t come at a better time. It’s Black Friday which means they are having a sale!

(Lainey: haha my takeaway from this post though - Duana was wrong! At least at first.)

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