If you listened to this week’s What’s Your Drama podcast you might be able to sense my incredible disdain for the wellness community. What was once good and honest has been hacked by a bunch of flexible, privileged know-it-alls that have really diluted its original intent. Am I saying all wellness is sh-t? No, butttttt a LOT of it, especially what gets the most attention, totally is.   


The one place you see its whitewashing is when it steals from traditional Indigenous ceremonial practices, sageing or smudging. Look, if you are buying cute “smudging sets” from Sephora or “cleansing kits” from your local yoga studio, chances are you’re not honoring or acknowledging Indigenous culture and its medical and spiritual practices. So yes, all of us have been appropriating and stealing from Indigenous peoples. Don’t get defensive. Let’s just own that we suck and make sure we do MUCH better.  

Listen, I’m not saying don’t smudge but if you’re going to then please consider buying from Indigenous businesses. Don’t know one? Well, let me shine the spotlight on Sisters Sage – an Indigenous brand from the west coast that handcrafts products inspired by their culture and traditions.     


They are sharing a tiny piece of their culture with an array of products that include everything from soaps to salves, but it is their smudge sprays that I adore. Not all of us can smudge at home because of the smoke, so this spray is not only convenient but holy smokes (sorry, I had to) the fragrance is glorious. You can choose from two beautiful blends: sweetgrass and tobacco leaf or one of the most important materials from the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, cedar. I’m almost out of my last bottle so I’ll be stocking up on both and I hope you do too! 

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