Raise your hand if you have sensitive eyes. I know there are a lot of you out there who, like me, have a difficult time finding a good eye cream that won’t irritate. Sure, there are a lot on the market that are good enough but I don’t like settling and as you know I’m always on the hunt for the best and I’m stoked to say that Tata Harper has literally made the cream of all creams of the crop. 


As I said, I have tried many an eye cream and while I’ve definitely loved the efficacy of them, if I’m being honest a lot bothered my eyes. They’d be okay at first, but within half an hour there was always a level of discomfort but this is absolutely not the case when it comes to the Superkind eye crème. This stuff is a blessing and I swear, no hyperbole here.


This gentle lux formula utilizes 27 active ingredients and is free from gluten, wheat soy, fragrances, essential oils as well as more than 85 common allergens and irritants. So right off the bat you’re cutting the risk of irritation by a sh-t ton. What I love the most is the formula doesn’t move – you put it on and there is no slickness to it, which means nothing will start creeping into your actual eye. In fact, what I now can do, and could never with any other eye cream, is slather it all over my eye. I’m talking underneath, on the upper lid and even into the corners.  I do a couple of clockwise and counter-clockwise circles around the area and it all stays put with zero issues. Oh and hot tip: if you've one pumped chumped a little too much, no sweat, you can apply any extra around your lip area or even in the furrow of your brows.

And don’t get it twisted, just because this formula is for sensitive skin doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch.  It smoothes, soothes, and firms just like all the rest.  

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