The barely there sandal is a necessity this summer and the more minimal the look, the better. And the company that has been nailing this look for over a decade is TKEES.  After all, their MO has always been about designing weightless sandals that almost disappear on you once they are on. They also actually happen to be a Toronto-born brand and over the years have become big time! Like, think of any celebrity right now….Angelina, Cindy Crawford, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively. They’ve all been seen in the brand.  
Personally, my summertime preference is a good simple strappy sandal and that's exactly why I’m all about this Jo style


These delicately detailed lace-ups fasten around the ankle and have that cute little single toe wrap that I can’t get enough of these days. I'm gonna go for the Hazelton hue because it's that perfect base tone that goes with any color...even black. What I also love about this style is that while they don't compete with anything you have on, they sure as sh-t complete anything you have on.  But hey, if these aren’t your jam then I still encourage you to take a browse through their other styles. From flip-flops, to vegan options, to slides, they have an entire range of footwear for all you minimalistic lovers out there.   

Also just as a sidebar: I'm not painting my toenails any more. I haven't for about a year.  I'm going full au naturale. How do we feel about that? I have a feeling Lainey will have something to say about this. (Lainey: it’s because you have nice feet, Sasha. Some people - me - have hideous feet and need the help, the toe polish, to distract from their gnarly and gnarled toes.)

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