Now that I’ve started my own little business (ahem, I can’t tell you how much more appreciation I have for all those people that take a risk and start their own venture. It’s scary and also hard as f-ck. Which makes this post especially meaningful because today, I’m highlighting Susannah Emerson from The Keep Collection, who has been a long-time reader and fan of this site. This baller in the making isn’t just churning out product for the sake of it, she’s creating clothing and art in a meaningful way by contextualizing each item with a story that she includes on her site.



(Click on images to see them in full size and more are attached below)

Full disclosure, she sent me one of her latest products, the beach towel. It's a super lux, terry cloth towel perfect for the all those summer beach day dirt naps. But the best part is how long this thing is. I'm talking two human bodies could be stacked on top of each other and you'd still have room to spare.  It’s perfect if you’re say, like, Duana, who loves to talk about how long and tall she is and how un-long and un-tall everyone else is. But back to the towels – there are two color versions, each depicting a woman’s abstracted body, which by the way, Susannah drew herself. And to compliment this, on the company's site, they talk to dancers, researchers and body activists and get into a deeper discussion about puberty, gender transition and eating disorders. So even if you’re not in the market for a towel, hit up the site for some good reads.

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