Ok, I know toothpaste isn't super sexy click bait, but if you can stick with me for a few more sentences I promise, this might change your life or at least your mouth.

Have you ever read the f-cking ingredients in toothpaste? More importantly have you read the f-cking warnings?! Cory (my husband) was using a certain brand of toothpaste and it literally said "if more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed get medical help or contact a POISON CONTROL CENTER RIGHT AWAY".

Ummm excuse me?! No thanks.

So I went on a hardcore mission to find an effective one with no poison alerts. And Sirs, I've done it. I give you My Magic Mud.

Before I get into the amazing-ness let me just address the bad. The branding sucks. The million fonts, all the words on the tube, the slogans, the name - it's all f-cking atrocious. There's also a bit of a learning curve to using this toothpaste as well. Because it's made out of charcoal if you don't basically put your face in the drain when you're spitting it out, you'll get black splatter everywhere. But like, whatever, just put your face close to the drain. Got it? Good.

So with that out of the way, omg omg omg omg this toothpaste is awesome!!!! Even after the first few days of using it I noticed a huge difference. My teeth were whiter and my entire mouth felt so damn clean. Like, I'm talking, right out of the dentist clean. I still find myself continually running my tongue over my teeth and I'm seriously floored by how smooth everything feels. It's actually pretty crazy. You're welcome in advance.

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