Every time around this year I look at my parka and I want to set it on f-cking fire. But it’s still not even close enough to coatless season so at this point, I just need us to all get to trench weather. I’ve been scouring the worldwide web for the perfect one and dudes, I think I’ve found my dream from The Frankie Shop.  


First off, it’s a two-in-one, which by now you should know is my favorite thing on planet earth. You can wear it straight up as a trench coat, but then when you wanna mix it up you can swiftly attach the cape overlay and ta-dow!!!! It’s a whole new look.    

And good lord, look at all the details. From the billowy silhouette to the cinched waist and hem to the roomy hood, this trench really brings all kinds of drama. (Lainey: also… it’s the PERFECT shade of taupe or whatever you want to call it. F-ck I am so mad at you now, Sasha, because I don’t need this…but I desperately, desperately want it.)
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