As soon as the summer is over, I switch up my skin regimen to something that targets repair and hydration from all the sun exposure. I have my usual suspects but this time around I tested something new, and I have to say I have found my lifers, courtesy of True Botanicals.


If you’re in the US then you probably know what the brand is all about, but they recently made their entry into Canada (finally) via the Detox Market and I have to say I was so excited to see if they were as legit as everyone says. People, the hype is real. This sh-t is the sh-t. I trialed a handful of things from the line but the two standouts, hands down, are the RENEW Chebula Active Immunity Serum and RENEW Pure Radiance Oil. 


Let’s first start with the chebula serum and what the hell it is. Chebula is an Ayurveda fruit and is actually one of the most bioactive and powerful antioxidants in nature that blows other ingredients like acai and resveratrol out of the water. It leaves skin nourished, hydrated, and really improves skin quality. It’s basically an anti-aging powerhouse.


I use half a vial of the serum, give it a sec to soak in and then follow up with the radiance oil. This oil is probably what True Botanicals is best known for and something Olivia Wilde credits for her watermelon sugar complexion. In fact, Olivia is so fanatical with the entire line she is now the Chief Brand Partner of True Botanicals. And I have to agree with Olivia because this oil is the best I’ve ever tried – it’s luxurious, penetrates right into the skin and leaves my face feeling plumped and dewy. I always worry that one day I'll look in the mirror and see an apple doll face but now that I have these two products in my back pocket, I'm feeling less para about the whole ordeal. Now these products aren’t bargain basement cheap, but you pay for what you get, and I have to say a little goes a long way. I’ve been using them for about six weeks and still have a ways to go with each bottle. 

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