Selena Gomez hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend. I’m out of town so I haven’t been able to watch the entire episode yet, but I have seen the monologue and while it’s not the most elaborate monologue, no big song and dance numbers, no surprise guests, the reason it works for me is because I’ve always loved Selena’s voice – it’s low, with a hint of rasp, and sometimes she sounds congested, for whatever reason the combination of all those sounds is super sexy to me; I’m also really into her monologue energy, she’s upbeat but also chill. Which really works for her punchlines and also her facial expressions, the side-eyes, the “hell no” faces, and of course her Miley Cyrus impression. 


Selena kept it short to open the show but if there was a thesis to her monologue, it was the fact that she’s single and since so many guest hosts have found love on the show, maybe it’s her turn. That became a joke as several cast members offered to help her out with that but, like, if we’re going there, well, we can Gossip Genie something, can’t we? 

Because you know who showed up for the after-party? 

Lewis Hamilton. 

Here he is, next to Selena and Cara Delevingne and Post Malone, inside the party: 


Lewis is on a break from the F1 circuit until the Grand Prix in Spain this coming weekend and then on to Monaco. It’s not the first time they’ve interacted. Here’s a shot of them at an event in LA together back in 2017: 

Selena Gomez and Lewis Hamilton at the 2017 InStyle Awards presented in partnership with FIJI WaterAssignment at The Getty Center on October 23, 2017 in Los Angeles, California

Selena and Cara are tight. Cara and Lewis have known each other a long time. Speaking of Monaco, Cara held Lewis’s gridboard at the Monaco GP back in 2015:

Cara Delevingne attends FIA Formula One World Championship 2015, Grand Prix of Monaco

So the connections are there for Selena and Lewis, and as for the chemistry…well… that can spark at any time, right? Are we into this? Gossip Genie request, yes or nah?