Dear Gossips,

Really loved Saturday Night Live’s Mother’s Day cold open this weekend. Miley Cyrus opened on stage singing her godmother Dolly Parton’s song “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” and gradually the camera cut to the cast members reunited with their mothers and of course we all understand why this year it’s even more emotional since so many of us have not been able to see our mothers, or spend time with them the way we’ve wanted to. 


I did not see my ma this weekend. She got her Mother’s Day cheque, LOL, but there was no visiting, not even on the porch. We are still in lockdown here for another two weeks, at least. Maybe that’s why I broke when Cecily Strong broke. I just watched it back again and teared up: 


Man what I would give to go for dimsum with my parents and listen to ma bitch about why dad parked where he parked and the service being too slow and the restaurant raising their prices and why it’s taking so long to refill the tea and fighting us on how much we want to tip. Not sure that’ll happen by Father’s Day here but at this point, I’m desperate to go over there, even though I’ll only to want to pull all my hair out trying to teach them how to video chat which, no, after over a year of COVID I have not taught them how to do because … small steps. It was enough showing her how to download slot machine apps on her tablet and having to delete all the other crazy programs she accidentally subscribed to. Soon though. Because these moments quickly become something you laugh at. Has SNL done a sketch about this yet? I watch every week and it’s not coming to me…

Yours in gossip,