There are very few upsides to having food-motivated dogs, like mine. One of those upsides though is that they will leave the park if you ask them if they are hungry. They know the word hungry so well we have to spell it. When they hear the word “hungry” they will stop objecting to leaving the beach and come home. But they will also remember that they were promised dinner when they get home. If you do not feed them dinner within a few minutes of arriving at home, hell will break loose. Hatchi is clearly more into the park than lunch or dinner. (Dlisted) 

As mentioned earlier, Saoirse Ronan is, once again, a Best Actress contender in Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig in her directorial debut. Lady Bird’s Oscar chances just got a LOT better because it broke all kinds of box office records this weekend. Will Greta get a nomination too? Greta AND Patti Jenkins? Or does the Academy only have room on the director category for one woman, if they ever decide to include a woman? Greta’s first effort, by the way, is a lot more palatable than the obnoxious bullsh-t Darren Aronofsky gave us in mother! (Jezebel) 

Pharrell just launched his new collection for G-Star Raw. He calls it a “democracy of fashion”. I take that to mean that anyone can wear any piece, that it’s not defined between what’s men’s and women’s. Which of course I’m digging. These jumpsuits are pretty cute. And I can’t wait to see if he shows up in one of them at an award show when every other dude is in a 3-piece suit. (Just Jared) 

We’re well into November now. Which means we’re closer and closer to a possible engagement announcement. Right? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle star in The Wedding, coming at some point in 2018? Now there are rumours that we’re rushing them. And they don’t want to be rushed. That they’re not going to give us what we’ve been waiting for until next year. Don’t they want to do it for US!? Maybe they’re doing it so that I can win my bet. I made a bet on The Social that they’d announce Spring 2018 and get married September 2018. Yes. I just made it about me. Aren’t we all making this wedding about ourselves? WE NEED THIS. (Cele|bitchy)

Here are some other looks from the LACMA Gala presented by Gucci. Salma Hayek’s purple sequin dress is probably the worst of the lot. Her husband’s family owns the company that owns Gucci, right? Does she get to pick first or last? I don’t get it. My favourite? Rowan Blanchard. It’s marching band on the top and garden party on the bottom. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And I’m surprised that Nicole Kidman didn’t call it for herself for the upcoming award season. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Page Six posted an article this weekend about how Scarlett Johansson is Hollywood’s biggest player. Which I’m sure Colin Jost really enjoyed reading. I’m telling you. Any reports of them “getting serious” were seriously exaggerated. In other Scarjo news, I’m attaching photos of her in Atlanta where she’s working on the Avengers movies and getting her co-stars together for a reading of Our Town to raise money for hurricane victims. (Page Six)