I guess it’s Thanksgiving Birthday every year-ish for Scarlett Johansson. Yesterday was her birthday. She’s now 33 years old. According to Page Six, she celebrated with Colin Jost. They were in the Hamptons on Tuesday, seen enjoying a “romantic dinner”. 

Last weekend, ScarJost was papped kissing after the SNL after-party. 

Look at that smile on Colin’s face! It’s like early Christmas for him! He’s being josted by the biggest player in Hollywood and he’s blissfully oblivious. Also? It’s an interesting switch. More often than not, it’s the woman who’s with a player, who thinks she’s “the one” who will change his player ways. Come on. We’ve all been that girl. Or we know that girl. That girl is now Colin Jost. Which I don’t mean in a derogatory way. Like a “you throw like a girl” kind of way. Not at all. 

As we continue to, more and more, challenge gender stereotypes and expectations, we may be asked to imagine women in different roles, and men in different roles – in our work life, in our domestic life, and in our romantic lives. It’s a generally accepted romantic trope for a man to be the one who can’t be tied down and the woman to be cast in the role of the person who’s patiently waiting. Or foolishly waiting. In a sense, it gives men the power in matters of the heart. That’s not how this story is reading though. I’m not looking at Scarjo like she’s waiting on anything. I’m looking at Scarlett like she’s the one who sets the schedule. You know what other couple felt like this? Rihanna and Drake. Was Rihanna josting Drake? And since that happened way before ScarJost became a thing, is the actual term here… Draking?