Last Wednesday, PEOPLE reported on Scarlett Johansson’s relationship with her lawyer, Kevin Yorn. They were seen holding hands a couple of weeks ago in New York, after she was apparently making out with Colin Jost at the SNL wrap party. According to PEOPLE, Scarjo and Kevin’s situation was a “long time coming”. And that “romantically, things developed organically”. PEOPLE’s source also claimed that the “relationship has been a little on-and-off, but it’s definitely on right now given that they can both stick to one place for the moment and actually be together”.

Two days later, on Friday, in East Hampton, this happened:

So PEOPLE has now posted an update on the Scarjo-Kevin situation with a source telling the magazine that the two are “on and off all the time. It’s been that way since day one. They both understand the realities of the situation. Their relationship is definitely of the 21st-century kind. It’s good for them and that’s all that matters.”

Are you getting a little worried about PEOPLE’s sourcing and accuracy? A few weeks ago PEOPLE was called out by Jennifer Garner and their cover story on her about being single. Now they’re getting busted on Scarjo’s love life. TMZ’s f-cked up a couple of Justin Bieber stories and they may or may not be skewing their coverage in favour of Donald Trump. There’s yet another shift happening in gossip media, can you feel it?

As for Scarlett and what exactly is going on with her romances, well, clearly she’s put both Colin Jost and Kevin Yorn on notice that she’s into both of them and, at the same time, not that into either of them. I’m not mad at that. And needless to say, Colin Jost has accepted it.

Similarly, have you heard about Michael Gambon’s wife-mistress situation? Michael has been married to his wife, Anne, since 1962. He spends half his time with her and half his time with his mistress, Philippa, with whom he has two sons. And while his wife wasn’t happy about it at the beginning, apparently now everyone is all good with the arrangement? Is Colin Jost the wife or the mistress?