Deflating ScarJost

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 8, 2017 18:18:52 September 8, 2017 18:18:52

Earlier this week Page Six reported that Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost with the weak face were seen kissing in the rain on Labour Day. Scarjo and Colin first hooked up after the SNL season finale just before the start of summer. Then she was papped holding hands with her lawyer, Kevin Yorn. A couple of weeks after that, ScarJost was spotted in the Hamptons together. When that happened, PEOPLE posted an update on Scarjo and Kevin, reporting that they’ve been on and off for years and that even when they’re off, it never means they won’t go on again.

PEOPLE is doubling down on that, in a new article that went up yesterday despite the fact that Scarlett’s been with Colin a lot more than she’s been with Kevin this summer. According to PEOPLE, “the feelings haven’t fizzled” between Scarjo and Kevin. Kevin might not be “the one” for her and they may both be openly dating other people but there’s always going to be something between them.

This is amazing.

Because …can you imagine what it must be like for Colin Jost? You hook up with Scarjo. And five minutes later she’s holding hands with some other dude. But you’re the one with her on Labour Day, kissing. Only now, PEOPLE Magazine, is telling the world that she’s still carrying around unfizzled feelings for someone else!

Is someone trying to tell Colin Jost a message? Or at least remind him that, well, if he’s lucky enough to be with Scarjo, part-time status might be the only offer on the table? Could Kevin Yorn be the one who’s doing the reminding?

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