Dear Gossips,

Last year at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara presented together and they were so great that Twitter decided they should host everything. This year Eugene and Dan Levy opened and closed the Screen Actors Guild Awards and they were so great that Twitter decided that they should host everything. The point of the story is that the cast of Schitt’s Creek may be more versatile than most. And more importantly… are you watching the final season?! 

The show airs on CBC on Tuesdays in Canada and on Pop TV in the US. Previous seasons are on Netflix if you need to get caught up. You SHOULD get caught up. And then join the chorus of fans who have been pushing for this show to finally win something. Like, all due respect to Maisel but COME ON. Schitt’s Creek was finally nominated for some Emmys last year. Will it still be a factor by the time the Emmys come around this year? It’s not impossible but for that to happen we have to keep talking about it. So keep talking about it. Here’s Dan’s new interview with Vanity Fair about working on the final season. If you can believe it, Moira’s wardrobe is going to get even better. 

Eugene and Dan presented to the cast of Parasite last night for the SAG equivalent of Best Picture. And this photo is making me want him and Choi Woo-shik to become best friends:


These, however, are not the photos from the SAGs that everyone’s obsessing over. I know you know what photos I mean. We’ll get to them in a minute. Only those two could knock Harry and Meghan out of the top story position. 

Yours in gossip,