Why no, it is not about the men, even more than usual. That is, Jaden Smith—but he’s, like, doing Performance Haircuts, and even the most adventurous dudes basically come in the same thing, except Rami Malek, who looks like he shops at the same clothing store as Curious George’s Man With The Yellow Hat.


First Diddy showed up in a cape. He caped it! I fully cop to the fact that even if you’re a dude who’s really into avant-garde fashion there’s not necessarily anything to do, but if you can wear a cape that also seems to reference the halcyon days when A Thousand Points Of Light was political talk, you do. His girlfriend Cassie had zero obligation to do anything other than be present, and yet she kills it in her dress…

…which Diddy then SITS DOWN ON THE STEPS to admire!

There are different shots of this. Most are of him watching her having her moment, like this, red Louboutin soles at the ready (and Jesus, LOOK at her earring!)

Sean Combs in a cape at 2017 MET Gala

But then some of them are of him looking annoyed over his shoulder, which I love. YES let’s have some drama in here. PLEASE can we get this going? At this point in the night it was mostly only Jenners and column dresses and I despaired for how the night was going to go.

But he brought it back, and he knows he did. If I were feeling like a particular kind of pouty and petulant I'd say that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen did the sitting-on-the-carpet thing back at Ryan Seacrest's Golden Globe gazebo, but I am not going to pretend like Sean Combs did not take it to a whole new level that I am going to cherish.

Also, if you're an Etsy designer who does stuff like this? I could really use this shot on a phone case... or do I want it on a duvet cover?