Soothing pastels, sweet pastels. Rest your eyeballs on these images of Sebastián Yatra and Kodi Smit-McPhee dressed in tuxedoes so pale they are bold, donning spring pastels and looking like a couple of Easter M&Ms. 


Yatra turned up in a cotton candy pink morning suit from Moschino, and Smit-McPhee wore a powder blue tux by Bottega Veneta, and both men look super handsome and ready for the egg hunt. Seriously, I love these looks. I love it when men wear color on the red carpet, and these pastels stand out so brightly and they’re so cheerful and I have been looking at them off and on all night because my retinas need a BREAK and this is a nice visual vacation from all the rest of it.

Also, Easter candy > Halloween candy, I will hear no arguments otherwise. Cadbury eggs, those malted chocolate mini-eggs, Peeps, the Reese’s Pieces that come in the carrot bag, and other candies, too. I don’t even celebrate Easter, but I will eat that candy every year. This post is brought to you by my midnight munchies and Sebastián Yatra and Kodi Smit-McPhee cosplaying as Easter eggs at the Oscars.