Forget bad men doing bad things for a minute and enjoy Sebastian Stan on set with Renate Reinsve, the Norwegian breakout star of The Worst Person in the World. They’re filming A Different Man, an upcoming horror/thriller from writer/director Aaron Schimberg and backed by the tasteful folks at A24. The film also co-stars British actor Adam Pearson, who has neurofibromatosis type I, which causes benign tumors to form on nerves all over the body. (Pearson notably appeared in Under the Skin.) 


Roles have not been confirmed for anyone, but the film is about a man who undergoes reconstructive facial surgery and then fixates on the actor portraying him in a stage version of his life. Stan has a costume change in this scene, so maybe he’s playing a dual role? Maybe this film will have something interesting to say about actors portraying people with physical differences for clout. Anyway, enjoy these photos of hot people in cool leather jackets, even though it is WAY too hot for leather right now.