Selena Gomez was in New York earlier this week for fashion week and Coach. She didn’t stay long. Last night Selena and Justin Bieber went to church. After that they went out for dinner. The photo agency is calling it a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. My Photo Assumption concurs that it was a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. They’re leaning in close. She’s got her hands all over his face. He’s kissing her. They seem like they’re enjoying themselves, like they’re enjoying being with each other. 

Did you read Selena’s recent interview in Harper’s Bazaar? She talks about prioritising her health, her mental health in particular, referencing again her struggles with anxiety and depression, taking the approach that these are struggles that she may have to confront her entire life. This is a critical part of recovery, to understand that there is no shame in not “beating” it immediately. It’s an important message because there are still so many assumptions people make about those who are living with mental illness: that you can just “decide” to not be depressed, that once you “fix” it, it will always be OK. Which is one of the reasons it’s not taken as seriously as it should be. For a long time I, regrettably, didn’t take it seriously. But when people like Selena discuss it with intention, and so openly, hopefully we can reduce the stigma to make room for empathy. 

There are still those who worry that Justin is not good for Selena’s mental health. He may not have been in the past, not good for hers and not good for his own. Over the last few months, clearly they’re trying to move beyond that. And, when it’s just been about the two of them, there does seem to be *some* stability. We’re not seeing them doing what they did before. I thought I would see JB at Ellen DeGeneres’s 60th birthday party but they both seem to be avoiding the Hollywood circuit. I’m talking to Kathleen and Emily right now – can we all just ship them again!?