It’s been a hard time for everyone, some more than others. How we deal with stress and anxiety differs from person to person. Some people – a lot of people – are baking. Others are gardening. Others are binge-watching. Michelle Obama’s documentary was self-care for me last night. You may have preferred video games. Great. But did any of us need to hear from Kevin Spacey? Show of hands for anyone out there who was like, man, reassurance from Kevin Spacey contextualising these f-cked up last few weeks is exactly what I needed. (Dlisted) 


Selena Gomez is doing a quarantine cooking show. She’s not the only one. So many celebrities are doing the cooking content thing. I wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow is smugging about this. Like…OMG that was so 2010 for her, you know? (Cele|bitchy) 

The FUG Girls are flashing back to Elizabeth Banks in Mary Katrantzou at the Met Gala in 2012. This dress has aged well. What hasn’t aged well is the hair. I’m not sure the hair was working back then either. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I cannot believe we are still talking about this name! You know the name. It’s the name that everyone just copy and pastes because who can be bothered to find the symbols on their keyboards? We don’t even punctuate anymore, let alone access special screens. It would have been easier if they had just named their child with emojis. Anyway, Elon Musk and Grimes are getting resistance from the paperwork people about the name because they don’t want to be bothered with the symbols either. (Pajiba) 

Shameless self promotion alert: I talked to The Cut about gossip in the time of coronavirus. (The Cut)