Selena Gomez is in Paris with Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham. They’ve spent many holidays together, they’ve been on many trips together, they’ve joked about their throuple thing for a while now. And they’ve all been posting from their time in Paris over the last few days. That said, it’s not just social media – Selena’s presence in Paris isn’t exactly a secret. Both fans and paps have been waiting outside the hotel and, just in time for Paris Fashion Week, she’s putting on a show. 


These are some of the best looks I’ve seen on her in a long time. Particularly this grey set. 

Selena Gomez out in Paris, September 24, 2023

SO good, right? 


I love all the layering that’s happening here. The corset underneath, and the blue shirt on top of it worn open, the jacket loose and boxy, and these pants – with the built in boxers peeking out from above the waistline. I recently tried on a pair of these and I’m obsessed. It was just the cost that scared me, LOL. That’s obviously not an issue for Selena, styled by Erin Walsh. 

This leopard print dress is excellent too. 


As you can see, Ms Gomez is feeling herself. And if that wasn’t clear, this shot should do it: 


Yesterday Selena and her throuple were at the PSG match. She was seated behind Rauw Alejandro, newly unengaged from Rosalìa. The speculation has already begun – they were all at a party together afterwards. So at some point Selena will have to do another one of these: 


♬ original sound - Celybird


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