I’ve watched the first episode of Only Murders in the Building and I really enjoyed it. Sarah will have more on the series in the next couple of weeks and we haven’t talked much about it so I’m curious about her take. For me, as always and as usual, Steve Martin and Martin Short are great together but Selena Gomez fits right in, at least from what I’ve seen. She’s been in New York this week promoting the show and she looks really cute in all of these outfits, especially the orange dress. (Go Fug Yourself) 


This pizza dough in the dumpster story is fascinating to me because of the science! 18 months ago, everyone was obsessing about dough and sourdough starters and now there’s a hunk of dough that’s growing and deflating and expanding and leaking and, yes, Emily at Dlisted is right, this is going to be a horror movie. (Dlisted) 

Cindy Crawford recreated her famous Pepsi ad for charity and I thought the new one was the old one. Back in the day I used to live in bodysuits. Now I don’t have any. Do I need a white bodysuit? (Cele|bitchy) 

Jon Batiste and Stephen Colbert just challenged Saturday Night Live at their own game – and it’s amazing. I love Stephen’s commitment to this. But mostly I love how Jon manages to make a joke song seem cool. Also “how gooses reproduces” is still cracking me up. (Pajiba) 

This article reminded me that I have not read a romance novel in a long time, what is wrong with me? I need to fix it. So this list is coming right on time. (Vulture)