Selena Gomez turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and is currently celebrating on holiday in Italy where every celebrity, it seems, has been spending the summer, or at least part of it. Here are some shots of her in Capri a few days ago and today new photos have been released of her looking cute and flirty on a yacht with producer Andrea Lervolino. You can see those pictures at the Daily Mail. There’s nothing super slamdunk “they’re totally a couple here” but the images of him with his hands on her ankles says to me that it’s possible. Ankles are intimate.


In other Selena news though, Deadline is reporting that she’s in negotiations to produce a reboot of Working Girl. Right now there’s no mention of her on screen in the role originally played by Melanie Griffith but people are assuming that that’s what will happen should the project go forward with her involvement. 

Working Girl was released in 1988 with Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver co-starring. It won several Golden Globes and was nominated for multiple Oscars. This is a workplace rom-com and there are lots of places to go if they’re updating it for these times, especially right as the pandemic has shifted so many work attitudes. Everybody talks about the Great Resignation and over the last few days the catchphrase around work is “quiet quitting”. 


Then, of course, Working Girl in the Me Too era. The original storyline involved a love triangle between all three stars with all kinds of personal and professional conflicts and power dynamics which would be considered offside now. Do they avoid that kind of stickiness altogether or do they leave it in…and actually address it? 

All of this makes for interesting storytelling and even though, since this is Hollywood, reviving this IP is a cash grab, Working Girl is a good candidate, at least in my opinion, for modernisation. And it would be a great project for Selena in her 30s as she gets deeper into this phase of her career.