Selena un-privates and Justin blushes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 7, 2017 20:51:35 December 7, 2017 20:51:35

I posted the other day about Selena Gomez privatising her Instagram account after sharing with her followers that she was pissed about a quote in her recent Billboard Woman of the Year interview. Her IG was reopened early Wednesday and according to The Blast:

Sources close to the “Wolves” singer tell us it was a total accident when Gomez turned her Instagram account private on Tuesday, and once her team made her aware of the snafu, she immediately restored it to public status.

After the singer initially went private, many speculated that she was lashing out regarding a Billboard article she was upset over, or that it had to do with Justin Bieber.

We’re told neither of those were the case, and Selena would never intentionally shut out her fans.

Keep it, as Ira would say.

You’re not going to convince me it was an accident. I would believe you, however, if you told me that she realised later that hissy-fitting herself into private status on Instagram wasn’t a good look. Spontaneous, impulsive, emotional decisions on social media often aren’t. Her boyfriend also has this problem. 

Here are Selena and Justin Bieber leaving church separately yesterday (did he smell something bad?) in LA. Which means they’re OK, guys. She went to London for the weekend and came home and they didn’t break up. Relief! It’s a constant clenched jaw on these two, isn’t it? Some couples you don’t worry about. With other couples it’s a constant state of fragility. 

Did you see the video that TMZ posted earlier this week of JB with the paps and his reaction when one of them asked if he was going to ask Selena to marry him? That’s a big smile. And it’s not even a mad smile. Maybe it’s a “you so crazy” smile, but it’s definitely not a “that was a stupid thing to say” smile. 

I’m telling you. When people this dramatic get back together and break up this many times, they feel compelled to increase the intensity with every pass. Are you seriously telling me it would be impossible? 


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