Selena Gomez released a new song called Fetish this week. I don’t hate it. It’s better than Bad Liar. Does Taylor Swift think it’s better than Bad Liar? Because Taylor posted on Instagram for the first time in over two months yesterday to wish Selena an early happy birthday and promote the song. Which she did not do for Bad Liar. (Taylor’s only Insta posts since early February – and it’s only been 3 times – have all been in support of her friends.) I totally think she’s discerning this way, not necessarily just because she’s adhering to artistic principle but also because it increases her value, it adds to her power. Here, let me do you this favour. Let me give your song some shine.

Taylor wasn’t the only celebrity shouting out Selena yesterday though. This throwback from the MET Gala showed up on Salma Hayek’s Insta - and the jewel of the video is not actually Selena at all. It’s Anna Wintour!


Anna Wintour, for all her judgy coolness, is actually the most UNCOOL dancer. Anna Wintour has no f-cking moves! And, normally, when someone can’t dance and has no f-cks to give and lets it all out, it’s kinda charming, it works in their favour. This does not work in Anna’s favour. I have watched this video at least a dozen times now and it keeps getting funnier to me, the way Anna’s dancing like… like…

Like the dancing aunt in Steel Magnolias! Remember that scene? (start at 0:45 below)


Can you actually be intimidating when you dance like the dancing aunt in Steel Magnolias? And is this how people troll her? Surely it’s not the first time she’s danced in public. And nobody, none of the assistants she tortures, none of her friends, have bothered to tell her that she dances like the dancing aunt in Steel Magnolias. They let her go to the MET Gala, year after year, and bust out those grooves. And Salma Hayek, who’s married to a billionaire who owns half of fashion, is the one to have exposed it.