I’m not a bang person. My ma permanently killed any affection I had for bangs by telling me that bangs are luck blockers because they cover your forehead. I do, however, love these little bangs on Selena Gomez. Clarification, I love the way they look in these photos. I like how they go with her outfit in these photos. These shortalls look so cute on her with the yellow tee. And it’s hot out. When it’s hot out, my hair stays the same. When it’s hot out, for people who don’t have straight hair, the curls come back. I hear the complaints. You might be drafting your rage-complaint to me right now. But we all want what we don’t have. And I’m telling you, from the perspective of someone whose hair doesn’t bend in that adorable way in the humidity, that I want it, I love it, and you should remember that the next time you hate it. Because I don’t hate it. I think it’s sexy and adorable at the same time and I wish the same would happen to mine.