Selena Gomez returned to the American Music Awards for what was promised to be her only television performance of the year. I like the song. But everybody’s talking about the lip syncing. In Kathleen’s post about Pink that just went up, she mentioned that she’s not one to be bothered too much by lip syncing if it’s part of a larger performance. Selena’s performance involved her escaping a car accident, injured, and then showing us all her feelings. It wasn’t exactly dance-heavy. But it was emotion-heavy? And now there’s speculation that she’d had a panic attack before the show. Which would explain the expression on her face when the performance concluded. Selena seemed bummed:

So did those feelings have nothing to do with Justin Bieber? Because all of my feelings were invested in Justin going to the AMAs with her. As far as we know, he wasn’t there. They were fine on Friday but that’s, like 72 hours ago, and you never know by the hour how this sh-t works. Young love is like the weather. Selena and Justin’s love is like maritime weather – summer, fall, winter, spring, all in the space of an hour. It’s impossible to predict. And all we can go by are the signs on social media. 

Here’s what we know: Selena unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram the other day. Then he unfollowed her. But she and JB aren’t following each other. But! But! He liked a photo of hers (with her new blonde hair) yesterday… only to UNlike it shortly after. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!? Did he make her feel better after the show? This is the storyline I’m going with. And I would like a confirmation by the end of the day. 

In other news, Selena is blonde now and I love it. They got the colour tone exactly right. Perfectly toned, actually. And I especially like that they toned the root – a darker shade but still lighter than her natural colour, playing up the baby hairs. Jordy, who’s our key hair on The Social, and I have been obsessing over this all morning and she says it’s flawless colouring. The wet hair look during her performance was totally on point too. 

Also? This Coach leather jacket dress? Best of the night.