Sarah! Happy Birthday from Katie who told me about the silent retreat and how it kept us apart. Did this strengthen our relationship? I hope so. I hope it means that though the seas may separate us from time to time, we will always sail our way back. Have the best weekend! 

And for Angela who misses Chewy – 16 years is a long time, and of course it was hard, so hard, for some it’s the hardest. I’m like you so I get what he meant to your home, your life. Did you save anything? I ask because just this past Tuesday, Jacek and I marked the fourth anniversary of the death of our Marcus. I had a good cry and then we laughed about what an asshole he was, and after that I took out his old nasty collar and smelled it. It is still foul, just like his breath. It’s amazing what can comfort us. What comforts you? Save it. Protect it. Seal it up and come back to it when you need. Right now it hurts. But eventually it’ll be the best thing to revisit.