Can you imagine watching Mean Girls in the same theatre as Rachel McAdams aka Regina George? Read on! 

Huntington’s is a neurodegenerative disease often described as Alzheimer’s plus Parkinson’s plus ALS. It’s a f-cking asshole. But it is genetically identifiable and the FDA is currently in phase three trials for a number of drugs that can slow down or even prevent the development of symptoms. The hope is that the breakthroughs with Huntington’s can lead to cures for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well. 

The 5th annual Freeze HD fundraiser is happening on Saturday to raise money for Huntington’s patients. Scott and Kelsey Porter are this year’s honorees and the live auction items are pretty great…including a private screening of Mean Girls for 20 people at Paramount Studios with… RACHEL MCADAMS! You can watch Mean Girls with REGINA GEORGE!  

Please click here for more information and donate if you can.


And for Emily…and me… and Serena Williams…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I got an erection reading about your promotion and your raise and the way you’ve been showing the f-ck out of your work. Keep bringing that energy! By request, here’s Dan Levy. Have a great birthWEEKEND!


Lainey! Happy Birthday to the Gossip Queen herself! We’re all so grateful to have you as our editor and boss. Cheers to another year of calling out royal gossip bullsh-t, defending the Oxford comma, and GOOD GOSSIP!
Here’s Elvis, BTS, Celine Dion, Mimi, and Beyoncé, because even though that concert line-up is impossible, just the fantasy of it is probably enough of a gift today. Might be a weird sounding concert though.

Lots of “Birthday Loving” from Prem and everyone at LaineyGossip.