"Megs! Happy Birthday, you beautiful, empathetic, and conscientious human being. I am grateful I can always count on you when I need a thoughtful and considerate point of view. I was hoping we could celebrate together (in-person!) this year, but alas, it is another casualty of 2020. Though, I am still looking forward to the return of my "Work Best Friend (and even outside of work)" title. In the meantime, stay healthy and well, and I miss you!"


By request from Yinnie for Megs, here are BTS’s V and Jungkook aka Taekook. 

But how is Taehyung SO PRETTY!? 


Also… I’m assuming you watched last night. So, like me, you may have needed to have been resuscitated this morning because Jungkook. The man bun. The open collar. His hair and styling last summer for the Lotte Family Concert was already a major peak. And now this.