Dear Gossips, 

Serena Williams won her second round match at Wimbledon yesterday. On Monday, after her first round win, when asked whether or not her friend Meghan Markle would show up to watch her play, Serena reportedly said, “I don’t know, we’ll see. If I keep winning!" 

Royal Meghan was not in the Royal Box yesterday – was it because she was that confident that there would be another opportunity? Whenever I watch Serena, I can barely stand it from the nerves – and now people are saying, since Serena next plays tomorrow, Meghan will be in attendance cheering her on. Or maybe there was another reason Meghan decided that Friday would be better. 

Yesterday was Flying Ant Day – did you see this/hear about this? They were all over London, all over the courts, all over everywhere, millions of ants leaving their colonies to go and start new ones. The queens fly off and the males chase her and the point is to see which males are the strongest to survive the journey and the ones who make it are the ones who get to mate with her as she builds her legacy but after that’s done, the males have served their purpose and, see ya later, they can die now. 

I wonder if the court advisors get information from whatever it’s called, the Royal Bug Society, if there is one, and their insect reproductive calendar to plan royal outings. Like imagine if the Queen was scheduled to be at some kind of visit yesterday and there were bugs flying up in her face!? 

Yours in gossip,