OMG one more thing I forgot to mention about that Prince Harry Meghan Markle interview. When Harry heard himself referred to as a husband? Did you see him get kinda emotional? Or was I imagining it? Please. I know you swooned, don’t lie. 

Ava Phillippe, debutante, debuted in Paris this weekend. Is that how you say it? She debuted herself? Whatever. She was introduced to society. Which is probably what more of us would have been talking about today had someone else not been introduced to the world as the prince’s fiancé. Anyway, Ava danced and twirled and now that this has happened, I’m assuming we’ll hear about her starring in some movies and TV shows soon.  (Dlisted) 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have put a lot of us into the holiday spirit. Speaking of the holiday spirit, here’s America’s First Lady, also dressed in white, enjoying a holiday spirit standard at the White House. For some reason… I’m not getting the same feeling. (Jezebel) 

We got a break from the Hollywood Predator Advent Calendar today. But that doesn’t mean that Hollywood isn’t still in some sh-t because of all the gross assholes who’ve been enabled for far too long. We’ll get back to that business, unfortunately, tomorrow. Because it’s also award season. And the Golden Globe nominations are coming out soon. And they’ve finally named the host, Seth Meyers. Seth went sort of easy on Louis CK, didn’t he? How do you think he’ll handle the predation situation? (Just Jared)

Let’s check in on Princess Kate. She stepped out with Prince William this weekend before the big announcement. The dress is Jenny Packham. It is the colour I hate – baby blue, with sparkles. Are people going to start predicting that the baby is a boy now? (Cele|bitchy) 

The Fug Girls review the history of royal engagements. Let’s take this opportunity to shout out the Fug Girls for their book, The Royal We. Now that Meghan Markle is official, it’s like a Meghan and Kate hybrid. Have you read it? If no, OMG, this is your holiday reading. (Go Fug Yourself) 

A dog destroyed some makeup. Add that to the long list of sh-t dogs have destroyed. My dogs have destroyed shoes. And couches. Chargers. Books. Do the Queen’s corgis destroy things? For regular people, the things in our homes are like … not historical heirlooms. Can you imagine? (Teen Vogue)