Seth Rogen is trying to be a better ally. He has donated in support of Black Lives Matter and bailout programs. He is using his platform to support why people are protesting and seems to be – at least from what I’ve seen – thinking about how he can change and contribute. He is also, in his own special way, letting the all lives matter people know that he doesn’t want their money. Seth’s responses are succinct and efficient. Excellent communication. (Dlisted) 


David and Victoria Beckham are building an escape route. If this is true, are we going to be seeing selfies taken from down there? How will the lighting be? (Cele|bitchy) 

To be clear, Rihanna is doing as Rihanna does – she’s pulling up, she’s paying out, she’s coming through. Rihanna gives people a lot of joy. And in so many different ways. One of those ways: Rihanna style. Six years ago, she snatched our breath, cleared up our skin, cleaned our intestines with this iconic outfit. One that should be remembered forever. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Anderson Cooper went viral last night because of his reaction when he heard why that f-ckwit president decided to do a photo shoot while treating a bible like a dumbbell and, well, yeah. It’s the only way to react. Time and again this fool outdoes himself. And it’s not normal. It shouldn’t be normal. We should continue to be appalled by his horrors. (Pajiba) 

Few athletes have spoken out to condemn anti-Black racism. Specifically white athletes. Donnovan Bennett is urging white athletes to stand with their Black peers. This is a necessary read. (SportsNet)