Most of the people in my inner circle, including Sarah LOL, have reached out to me today to ask me how I’m doing and thank you to those of you who’ve emailed me too. Yes, this is BTS related, IYKYK. I’ll have more to say tomorrow because I need to watch the Festa dinner again at home with no distractions. Until then, I appreciate your sympathies and am actually quite honoured that upon hearing the news, you thought of me. There’s nothing I love more than being associated in any way possible with BTS. Now in other news… 


Oh surprise, shady Prince Andrew owes some other people money and now it’s a mess with that Swiss chalet he tried to sell or something and he continues to be the British royal family’s biggest headache but still, they want to find a way for him to come back?! (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m really happy for Britney about her dream wedding. I’m really happy that Britney Spears has a prenup. I’m not sure if it’s any of my f-cking business to be happy that she has a prenup. (Dlisted)

Keke Palmer looks great the Lightyear premiere in London. Taika Waititi too. Chris Evans on the other hand… even though it was a moment for him last week for sure at the Hollywood premiere in that great polo, I’m not feeling this at all. Remember how good his hair was in LA? He went back to the old style. And something about these pants doesn’t look right. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Reddit is talking about my favourite subject: food. And specifically textures that gross you out. I don’t get grossed out much by food texture and I think it’s because I’m Chinese and there are all kinds of scaly, squirmy, and slimy textures in our cuisine. Chicken feet is a good example of one kind of food that is a texture explosion – the slimy skin of the chicken, the crunchy cartilage in between the bones, the mushiness of the sauce… it’s the BEST. I also LOVE the fat on a steak and pork chops and ribs. But while I can handle chicken feet, there is one food I can’t deal with because of texture. I hate the texture of cotton candy. I f-cking hate it. How it’s sticky and cottony at first and then the way it can get sprinkly and sandy in your mouth? Chicken feet > cotton candy, all day every day. (Pajiba) 

There’s going to be a Squid Game reality competition series with a huge prize and people will not die, obviously, but will they be scared? I scare easily, I will not be trying out. But casting is open now if you want to take a chance with that. (THR)