Shailene Woodley has been dating Ben Volavola, a Fijian-Australian rugby player, for a while now. They met in Fiji where she was shooting a movie last year. This is the first time they’ve attended such a public event together though – here they are at the Valentino show in Paris and she also posted a shot of them kissing on Instagram so they’re also “IG official”. Which is a thing now. Don’t roll your eyes! This is the world we are living in! 


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So it’s been about 6 months. And it seems pretty intense, as love is in the first 6 months, as intense as it was when the first pictures of them came out in October. It wasn’t the kissing shot, which was the most popular one, that reflected that. It was the next one, with their arms around each other, her cheek pressed to his forehead. It’s recognisable to anyone who’s been there – when you don’t have to talk, you just have to be right up in each other all the time to feel right. That was probably really corny and gross to read because it was corny and gross to write. But this is also what it’s like at this stage in a relationship – corny and gross to everyone else but the only sh-t that matters when you’re in it. 

Can we talk about her boots now? I love them. But this is a tricky boot height because of where they cut off. I have short legs. I wonder if these would go up to the knees on me. This is the problem with so many designer boots in particular. They’re made for certain proportions. Not only height but also leg size. Like if your legs have even a little muscle, sometimes you can’t even zip them up.