I LOVE how Shakira has been styled for the October issue of Cosmo. As the Fug Girls note, this is like an aerobics class, like from the 80s and 90s. And she can totally pull it off. Also, most of the bodysuits she’s wearing in the full feature are metallic, and I have a thing for metallic bodysuits and swimsuits right now. (Go Fug Yourself) 


One of the big stories here in Canada this week is the vaccine mandate announcement that happened yesterday. In many provinces there was already a proof of vaccination requirement to go into restaurants and bars etc. And now that’s been extended to travel and federal workplaces. That’s just a brief overview. In Hollywood the same thing is being debated – and right now it won’t affect Letitia Wright, who’s reportedly been spreading anti-vax f-cksh-t on the set of Wakanda Forever, but it could. You think she’s eventually going to get vaxxed or will she persist in being a fool even though she’s playing the opposite of a fool? (Dlisted) 

I know people back in the 80s and 90s who overplucked their eyebrows and the hair won’t grow back and they regret it. This was never my problem – I was always trying to save whatever eyebrow hair I had because I naturally never had a lot of it. Over the last decade plus, as eyebrow style has gotten thicker and thicker, I’ve always envied those with more eyebrow hair. And now Ella Emhoff is encouraging people to embrace their unibrows. She’s right. They should. (Cele|bitchy) 


I loved everything about Daniel Craig on Jimmy Kimmel last. Look at his body language. This man is chill. He is relaxed. He is done with Bond. If there was ever any doubt, his comfort here is the confirmation. (Pajiba)  

Do you enjoy an espresso martini? I’ve tried it, it’s not my favourite, but apparently it’s the drink of 2021 – and bartenders hate it. (Grubstreet)