In my post about Shakira on Friday about her at Paris Fashion Week, I wondered whether or not she’d pop over to London from Paris for the British Grand Prix. And indeed she did – Shakira was in the paddock on Sunday and watched as Lewis finished on the podium in third place. 


A note about Lewis’s driving because he was trying to overtake fellow Brit Lando Norris’s McLaren who came in second. This is what Zak Brown, McLaren’s CEO, said of Lewis after the race. It was a huge moment for McLaren because they haven’t ended up that high at Silverstone in a loooooong time. 

“The nice thing is you know Lewis is going to fight you hard, but he’s going to fight you fair – so at least you feel like you’ve got a driver around you that’s going to be sensible.”

I mean, yeah, I know I’m a Lewis fan through and through but some drivers, some champion drivers, ahem, aren’t all that fair, and I’ll just leave that there and focus instead of Lewis’s class. Because in his post-race interview, he talked about how much effort he put into that fight and then complimented his competitor: 

“The most impressive part was at the end following [Lando]. Honestly, it was just… it was nice… it was amazing to watch how good his car was in high speed. And I know that we’ve got some work to do to catch up.”


I stan a gracious king!

To go back to his love life though – at the moment, we’ve not yet seen any evidence that Shakira and Lewis were together the way they were in Miami and Barcelona, but it’s also possible that they were just much more discreet about it this time. At this point, given what a heatscore they are, the fact that she was there is enough to continue fueling this story. Also, it goes without saying, she looked insanely good

Here is Shakira out for dinner in London last night.