In the previous post about Drake, I wrote about him devaluing the Grammys and assigning value elsewhere. That’s what Shamier Anderson and his brother Stephan James are attempting to do with The Black Academy, measuring success on new terms, reframing the benchmark of success in entertainment, and who gets to define it. They are currently working on a brand new award show to celebrate Black talent and achievement. And, of course, it will take time to build their initiative and to establish its prestige, but the effort speaks to what Drake said about the Grammys, and no longer accepting that old institutions of recognition are the end-all and be-all. That requires the talent to buy in and participate. With that in mind, here’s Shamier last night at the fourth annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television presented by the Critics Choice Association. 


Four years is relatively new, but there are more and more events like this being added to the celebrity events calendar, and becoming more and more well-attended. Ava DuVernay was honoured with the Mario Van Peebles Trailblazer Award last night, look sharp AF in a red suit. Who’s to say that one day, the Mario Van Peebles Award won’t be as high-value as the Cecil B DeMille that’s administered by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the Golden Globe Awards. After all, the Globes themselves have certainly lost their lustre. 

Also attached – Rebecca Hall, Ruth Negga, and Tessa Thompson, representing Passing, at the event last night. I am obsessed with Ruth’s entire look, from her hairstyle to the eye makeup to the pattern of this suit to the white shoes. SO good. 

And the host of the evening, Niecy Nash with her wife Jessica Betts. Niecy and Jessica were married in August 2020 so this, really, is their first red carpet season since their wedding, and they’ve been busy with premieres and other galas but this was probably their biggest occasion yet, with Niecy in such a high profile position at this show. You can tell she’s feeling herself too, and why not. They look amazing together.