Our final post of 2020, this f-cksh-t of a year. Hopefully in 2021, when it’s our turn, we can all get the vaccine and go f-ckwild, not just buckwild, but f-ckwild. It’s my new word, you are welcome to use it, and I look forward to going f-ckwild with all of you…I think? My ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, called the other night and wanted to talk Chinese zodiac horoscopes. If you’ve been visiting this site over the years, you’re likely familiar with my ma’s annual Lunar New Year readings and in 2020, she pulled back on her advisories now that she’s 70 and has to protect her own luck. So it was news to me when she told me to take some notes. “I thought you said that was over?” I reminded her. To which she replied, “It is, but I HAVE THINGS TO SAY!” So heads up because that’s coming up in the new year; I’m not sure yet, exactly, what it is that she has to say, because I wasn’t exactly in a clear headspace to be taking her notes that night but there have been some emails and tweets lately about this and for those of you who’ve been asking, look out for it as we approach the Year of the Ox. 


In the meantime, as mentioned in today’s open, we’re dark tomorrow and Friday for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Stay safe! Back on Monday!

The clip of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe presenting at the Oscars and his crack about her making more money than her is one that I post often – I did it twice this year. Reese has commented on that moment and she says it wasn’t planned which… I believe. Because if it was planned there’s no harm in her talking about it now and the fact that she’s telling us that it wasn’t planned says, well, a LOT, considering what’s happened since then. (Dlisted)

While I consider myself a member of Fug Nation, I can’t say I have a lot in common with this list of Fug Nation favourites, apart from the tie dye and the fask masks. And not the ones that protect you from COVID but, like, hydrating face masks. I put on a LOT of moisturising, brightening, and tightening masks this year. There was one week where I used a sheet mask almost every night. (Go Fug Yourself)


What Jennifer Lopez wears to rehearsal – which is usually clothes you want to be comfortable in. But this is JLo. And it’s New Year’s. And it may be one of the most watched New Year’s Rockin’ Eves ever considering so many people will be staying at home (stay home!) and counting down with the television. Don’t think for a second she doesn’t know this. (Cele|bitchy)

I … didn’t know this was a tradition. But I guess if it had to be a year for me to read a list of things that people got stuck in their holes, 2020 would be the right time. Maybe this should be a show? Like wouldn’t you watch an episode about how some dude got a paintbrush stuck in his penis? And chase that with another episode about how a ball of tinfoil ended up a cooch? Or how Christmas lights end up someone’s ass? (OMG Blog)

Well, it’s the last chance to quiz in 2020 so why not two Bridgerton quizzes? The first one is about which Bridgerton character is your soulmate and I am very happy to confirm that my soulmate is Will Mondrich. Have you seen him in the ring? The next quiz asks you to prepare a high tea and it will tell you which Bridgerton character you are and I am equally happy to confirm that I am Simon, the Duke of Hastings, a proper rake. Because no matter what you pick for your tea the point of the tea is to SPILL the motherf-cker! (Buzzfeed)