Sasha and I get nostalgic about Selena and Justin. And we also meet a bridesmaid who’s beefing with a groomzilla. What are your thoughts on groomzillas? Can they be defended? I try on this week's podcast.

Before Elon Musk supposedly pursued Amber Heard for years before they hooked up. During that time, she was married to Johnny Depp. Now that he and Amber are done and she’s moved on, Elon might be playing another long game with Dakota Johnson. He denies that this is his intention. But I do see a Musk type emerging. Amber and Dakota have a similar vibe, non? And Dakota played Johnny’s girlfriend in Black Mass. Does Chris Martin know about this? Last we checked in on Dakota, she and Chris were having sushi dates. (Dlisted) 

Dakota Fanning wears No 21, a line that seems to be gaining in popularity. I’m not sold on it though with this pink dress. The pinkness doesn’t bother me. It’s the sheerness that’s my problem. Why does it have to be sheer? And if there HAD to be sheer somewhere, couldn’t it be in the skirt and not sleeves? For me it has to be a really special piece for me to say yes to sheer sleeves. I don’t understand the point. If you want to show skin, just show skin. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This Hot Bitch Sharon Stone has changed management. She was with her former manager for 30 years. But it was time for a breakup. And she uses a lot of metaphors to explain this breakup. It’s making me wonder what stories she might want to tell now, at this stage in her career. After all, as we’ve learned this month, EVERYONE has a story. (The Hollywood Reporter) 

I’m telling you, there’s a generation of kids right now whose trips to the dentist and first birthdays and embarrassing first times in a pool are being documented all over YouTube etc. And they’re going to grow up and be like… did I want this to happen? Or not. Maybe they won’t care. Because they won’t know a time when this didn’t happen. But there’s a rom-com in all this, somewhere. YouTube babies meeting cute 20 years later, or something. (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

This is an impressively thorough yet succinct recap of Goldie Hawn’s interview with Megyn Kelly during which nothing all that remarkable seems to have happened, despite the fact that Overboard comes up. Everyone loves Overboard! I don’t think I’ve actually come across Overboard on weekend television in months. Why are they taking Overboard out of the rotation?! (Jezebel) 

Fan fight! Halloween fan fight! Over a costume! And who wore it better! I don’t have an opinion on who wore it better. I do wonder though whether or not another Selena biopic will happen. And if it doesn’t, does it mean that JLO’s was the definitive one? (Teen Vogue)