Here are some photos of This Hot Bitch, Sharon Stone, at the airport. I would like to draw attention to her outfit, because I was just arguing with someone about “appropriate” travel-wear, and I feel like Stone is modeling the perfect travel outfit. Comfy pants, comfy sweater, but doing it in all black makes it look cosmopolitan and chic. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s SHARON F*CKING STONE, one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood. Her Movie Star charisma is definitely doing some work. But still, these are the photos I am emailing to win my argument that dressing for travel should be comfortable, first and foremost. Like even glamorous Sharon Stone is prioritizing comfort. The days of dressing up because travel is so luxurious are long gone, now we should be dressing however the hell we want that helps us to not murder everyone around us during our trip. (For me this involves noise-cancelling headphones.)

Stone was on CBS Sunday Morning and was asked about assault/harassment in the industry and her response was to laugh, as if being asked this question was the most sweetly naïve thing in the world. This is how mothers laugh at their children when they do something simultaneously dumb and adorable. Everything about Stone’s response—her laugh, her expression, her patient words—says, “Oh my sweet summer child. What do you know about assault and harassment?” The interviewer—I don’t watch the news, I don’t know this guy—is clearly embarrassed. Because he had to ask? Or because she laughed in his face? Maybe a little of both. 

I just love Sharon Stone in this moment so much, reminding us why she is This Hot Bitch. “Looking the way I look,” the confidence of that, but also, the OBVIOUSNESS of it. Of course she saw some sh*t when she came to Hollywood, LOOK AT HER. And she makes the point that it’s not JUST about looks, because she specifically mentions “without protection”. She was young and alone, she was a walking target. And now, forty years later, she has the laugh of a woman who has seen it all, survived, and succeeded. This Hot Bitch, indeed.